Our History

Welcome to Art and Walk Karpathos!


Why Karpathos?

The opportunities are bountiful as your dreams. It is about courage, making decisions and going for it! During my vacation in the spring of 2009 i became infected with the Karpathos virus. Karpathos…either you like it or you don’t, there’s no between.

The island made me feel wonderful from the start and made me want to stay.

So i stayed! For me Karpathos means new way of life, due the island with it’s beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, lovely nature, century old traditions and hospitable locals.

Karpathos gives me inner peace, and inspiration for my work.

Karpathos: my home away from home.

In our blog you will get an idea of our activities and hopefully get inspired to participate in the activities we offer. We hope to see you at Art and Walk Karpathos!


A few words about Art and Walk.


Art and Walk Karpathos makes it possible to be creative in a relaxed setting and to have fun while making art!

The idea of Art and Walk Karpathos arose from feeling enthusiasm and realizing a dream. Painting allows me to express myself. It gives me inner peace, energy and an overall sense of freedom and happiness. Walking provides me with a feeling of space, tranquility and inspiration. It brings me closer to myself and the nature. Time and again i am captivated by nature’s beauty. With Art and Walk i aspire to share and convey my passion for art and nature to anyone willing to experience this with me.

I paint, create sculptures and paint objects. I create abstract works of art using a mixture of bright colors. As i also work on commission, you are welcome to bring me any of your ideas and suggestions, which i will subsequently turn into a work of art.

Reiny Hoekstra.